•Launching The Howler @ The Royal Academy•

Yesterday was the long-awaited launch of my so-called audiomagazine, The Howler.the howler audiomagazine, v1 Of course I waited until the last minute to prepare for the event. In the afternoon, I went down to RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, for you non-Londoners) down on Malet Street to set things up, and, gasp, to see … Continue reading •Launching The Howler @ The Royal Academy•


•Breaking the Rules @ British Library•

A few days ago, I met with Prof. Esther Leslie and wrote down some questions/issues that we agreed were essential to cover in our upcoming British Library panel debate on the Avant-Garde manifesto. But somehow, between then and yesterday afternoon, I managed to misplace these notes. So appropriate, I think, for a discussion of the … Continue reading •Breaking the Rules @ British Library•