Insomnauts Awake!

Transmission from the International Institute of Insomnauts, Bloomsbury, London, February 20, 2009: ...Insomnauts awake! The widening chasm beneath our trembling feet now eschews overarching narratives, delves deep into one’s own experience where things are all called into question. And if in the tender precariousness of insomnia our firmest grounds and our finest distinctions become untenable … Continue reading Insomnauts Awake!

•Inauthenticity, Necronauts, Insomnauts•

Tom McCarthy asked me to help him launch the International Necronautical Society's "Declaration on Inauthenticity" at Tate Britain yesterday. The event was supposed to be modeled off a US presidential press conference, so I adapted my usual INS role as Chief of Hemlock Research into the friendly but vaguely threatening equivalent of a Secret Service … Continue reading •Inauthenticity, Necronauts, Insomnauts•