•Serpentine Gallery Manifesto•

So yesterday I went to go tour the facility at The Serpentine, in Hyde Park, and met Capucine herself. And I must say I am quite thrilled now at the prospect of putting something together for the event.

She showed me the stage we will be using, which I thought would be quite adequate (see pic). I was at first a little confused as to what they wanted from me. But the more she filled me in on the details, the happier I became: Essentially, I could do whatever I wanted, using the artistic license I got in the mail as a kid. I asked if I could perform the manifesto with music and dramatic monologues and whatnot, and she said, why yes, and The Serpentine would do all the dirty work for me of finding actors and musicians and paying them out of their own budget. They would do anything, within reason, to help me realize my vision. In fact, she said, they had just gotten a request from Marina Abramović for 15 actors who all looked like Karl Marx.

I thought, wow, I wouldn’t be nearly as difficult to accommodate as that.

So I hung out for awhile and watched a few films they were screening, and then in the darkness of late evening I literally skipped blindly through the spooky immensity of an empty Hyde Park towards Lancaster Gate tube station, climbed over the ornate iron Hyde Park gate, now locked and holding me prisoner, and tubed it home, satisfied.


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